Patapaa Clarifies Why He Prevented His Wife From Coming To Ghana

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Ghanaian musician, Patapaa Amisty, genuinely known as Daniel Oduro, has made sense of the reasoning behind his refusal to acknowledge a visitation request from his German wife.

The ‘One Corner’ hitmaker, in a recent discussion addressed the divorce rumors making waves on social media. He disclosed that his German spouse visited Nigeria without his consent.

Papapeezy unveiled that he was merely made aware about his wife’s visit to Nigeria by a video somebody posted via the internet.

What even enraged him the most was the fact that his wife appeared in a comedy skit production with a Nigerian man, in which she seemed to have taken off her underwear on camera.

That particular deed, according to the musician, infuriated him to a degree that, when she asked for a visitation request, he straightforwardly refused her.

“I love my wife but I told her not to visit me”, he said.

Nonetheless, some social media users in response to the discussion, said Patapaa’s wife was only after the glitz and glamour of being married to a famous person, in this instance, a musician.

They are of the opinion that, Patapa is no longer at the center of attention, performing shows like before, hence, the attraction his wife had for him is gradually fading away.

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