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Nkrumah’s bodyguard, an 85-year-old blind man who lives on GHC 47 pension cries (video)

Nkrumah's bodyguard

Kwame Nkrumah’s bodyguard who lives on GHC 47 pension cries

Christian Blukoo, an 85-year-old who is now blind and had guarded Dr. Kwame Nkrumah at the Christiansburg Castle, has complained about how tough it is to live on a GHC47 monthly pension income.

In Joy Prime’s most recent film, The Last Guard, he opened up about his heart. In spite of how meager his pension stipend is, Blukoo, who resides in Mafi-Adidome, a neighborhood in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region, revealed that it still doesn’t arrive on time, adding to his agony.

“Because the money is small, I go to the bank every three months. Even that does not come regularly,” he cried in the interview.

Despite the rising cost of living over the years, all efforts to get Blukoo’s allowance increased or find other means to better his life have been fruitless.

He remembered how the Ghana Government Pensioners Association had written to the Controller and Accountant General on his behalf in 2014 to request an increase in his allowance, but that the letter had been unsuccessful.

In addition to the aforementioned, Blukoo attempted to receive assistance from the Disability Fund, which was established to empower persons with impairments, but he claimed he became discouraged and gave efforts.

“Up to now…Ghana! They took my pictures and particulars but I haven’t gotten anything. They said they will send it to my phone but up to now [nothing has come]. So, I don’t want anybody to suffer for me,” the octogenarian cried.

He is disappointed that successive governments have abandoned him to suffer. His source of joy, however, remains his relatives, whom he loves so much.

“At my age, 85, I don’t want anything from anybody. When I call my children and my grandchildren to fight over the phone, I’m happy; it gives me joy,” he said.

All the challenges notwithstanding, Blukoo is hopeful that God will give him more years to live and celebrate his 100th birthday before he exits this world.


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