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Turkey earthquake; Newborn baby under rubble rescued;safe in the hospital

The latest news update from the Turkey earthquake suggests that a newborn baby has been rescued.

Turkey earthquake: On Monday, February 6th, a newborn baby was rescued from the rubble. Many people have expressed shock at the devastation caused by the violent natural disaster, which has claimed the lives of over 9000 people in the country.

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The 7.8-magnitude earth occurred when the people of Turkey were home with most asleep and others probably hanging on while planning the next direction for their work.

While others were fast asleep, others were also giving birth, the Mail reports as a miracle is said to have happened on the accounts of a newborn baby dug from the rubble int he Syrian town of Jindires, by the Afrin River.

After the little baby girl was rescued from the rubble, she was discovered to be alive and still attached to the umbilical cord of her dead mother.

The dead mother and living daughter were discovered by Khali al-Sawadi, who is her father’s cousin, and brother-in-law. Another cousin ran to a hospital through the choking dust with her in his arms, while Khalil continued digging for others.

The bodies of the baby’s parents, along with four siblings and an aunt, were laid out in a neighbour’s home for the funeral: prayers said, dignity and grief respected.


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