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American Rapper, Drake Shows Off His Manhood in Leaked Video, Fans React

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Drake Shows Off His Manhood in Leaked Video, Fans React

As I write, a video of Drake and his manhood that was released has gone viral on the internet. I was intrigued as to why Drake was the top trending topic on Twitter when I woke up this morning. After all, he’s on tour right now. However, that isn’t the cause. Now let’s get started. Remember, all of this is pure fiction. Who knows if this is true in the age of artificial intelligence?

You can see a video of Drake if you keep scrolling via Twitter (X). No, it’s not your typical Drake video. Drake may be seen lying in bed in front of a mirror in this footage. His legs are wide open and he is not wearing any trousers.

With one hand he’s holding his phone, and with the other his genitalia. Despite just being 12 seconds long, the released video is long enough to show everything. We are obviously unable to play the video for you at this time, but you can always search for “Drake” on Twitter to view it yourself.

Is Drake the one who posted this video, or did it leak out? Then there’s the question of whether this is a lookalike or indeed Drake. Whatever the case, the response on the internet is funny. These are a few of our best responses to Drake’s leaked video.

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