Nana Yaw Yamoah-Tuffour : TESCON DONKOMI MARKET?


I choose to rather say “Commitment without Inducement” being sold for a Chicken Change.

So for those of us who are interested in a bit of history are well aware that some years back, our forebears who were NPP activists, like myself and many well-meaning members of TESCON KNUST today, at the time, on this same campus, recognized the need to form a formidable branch of the party that was capable of mobilizing its members to serve as polling agents across the country, and also propagating the party’s manifesto and campaign message ahead of the 2000 general election. The lack of effective mobilization, and inability to manage the polling stations, amongst many other reasons had been the shortfalls that caused the election misfortunes of the NPP party in the 1996 general elections.

“Commitment without Inducement” was suggested and adopted as the slogan for TESCON. The motivation behind this slogan was that the total commitment to work for the party on the various campuses and in various capacities were not to be induced by money or self aggrandizement as was seen to have characterized other students’ political groups. These vibrant young university students worked without any form of monetary compensation or motivation since that was seen by them as their pledge and support to the Party’s fortunes.

When the idea to form TESCON was conceived, indeed there was, at that time, the NPP group on the various campuses which was known as the NPP Students’ Wing. Nonetheless, it was the view of the proponents of TESCON that the name alone lacked the vitality and vigorousness that would make the group stand up to the challenge posed by the then students’ branch of the NDC. Hence the birth of TESCON.

It is instructive from the forgoing that TESCON was formed to make the erstwhile dormant NPP Students’ Wing Vibrant and also volunteer to work assiduously for the party to capture power in the election 2000.

In recent times, several views have been that the Commitment of the members of TESCON must be with little motivation albeit not to induce them.

TESCON KNUST being a group that inspires commitment and total dedication of its members, one would expect that where there are opportunities also available to members, TESCON would gladly suffer its members not to enjoy.


This is because as a pro-political group, our success lies in the ability to inspire loyalty among our members when they often invest their precious academic and study time, effort, and loyalty to contribute to the success of TESCON and the NPP Government. As they invest time and energy into the group, they expect to receive recognition, appreciation, and opportunities for growth in return.

Unfortunately, members of TESCON KNUST are stunned to hear that National Service Placement Slots are being sold for a sum of Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (Ghc 200). While some members find it a paltry sum, many find it a daylight robbery and these devoted members are disillusioned and disappointed as their dedication and commitment to TESCON are being shortchanged.

Despite the initial allure and the flattering promises of the TESCON PRESIDENT, James Amaniampong, and his failure to meet the subject of his own promises made to these loyal members of TESCON KNUST, extorting moneys from the members of TESCON and his corrupt leadership has been clearly exposed.

It absolutely disheartening that the President of TESCON KNUST himself is at the center of this irresponsible, thievery and corrupt attempt to extort money from the same members they call to commit themselves to the works of the Party. It is a shame! What is the essence of our commitment if we must be paying Ghc 200.00 for National Service slots?

This is an absolute misuse of Power. The TESCON President holds a position of authority and influence over the members. Exploiting this power to sell opportunities that should be freely available to members is an abuse of authority and goes against the democratic principles that organizations like TESCON should uphold.

It is important, once again, to ensure transparency and accountability in leadership. These actions and inactions of our leaders can have severe consequences on the future of our association and it is imperative that critical attention is paid to them. Taking moneys from members for slots of NSS will not only violate subsequently the trust of members but also dilute their faith and loyalty to the Party to always look for personal gains. Our commitment is being short-changed.

What we usually expect of our leaders is to prioritize the welfare of the members and lead with integrity, honesty, and empathy. Extortion goes against the principles of responsible leadership, eroding the foundation of trust necessary for a healthy relationship in TESCON.

These loyal members of TESCON trust their leaders to act in their best interests and uphold the core values of TESCON. So when a President engages in such corrupt practices, it breaches that trust and can lead to disillusionment among the members.

It is crucial, therefore, for us to call James Amaniampong out and to condemn such behaviors. If he has little respect for himself and his future, it would be in his own interest to render an unqualified apology to TESCON and resign from the position with immediate effect since he is not fit to continue at President of TESCON KNUST.

Unfortunately, the smart rat in him has sought to change his number on WhatsApp just today and purport to announce that it was perhaps a cyber fraud by an unknown hand which created a group in his name and propagated this irresponsible thievery in the name of TESCON. That is absolutely preposterous and myopic. The image of TESCON today has been completely derailed by James Amaniampong and he must bow his head in shame.

Let it not be said or heard anywhere that by my opinion I suffer the name of TESCON. We must deliberately fish out these bad rats lest they sink the very good name and image of TESCON and the NPP government.

By holding our leaders accountable for their actions, we can strive for a more just and fair society that fosters trust, respect, and mutual support.

I dare say that unrewarded loyalty of our members would not only take a toll on the morale of TESCON KNUST but also wane their initial enthusiasm and commitment drastically, leading to decreased affection and interest.

Commitment is a two-way street, and so when we inspire our members to devote themselves wholeheartedly, we as leaders must fulfill our end of the bargain by rewarding that loyalty. Failing to do so can have detrimental effects on our members, the trust, and overall success of TESCON KNUST.

The Fish has clearly rotted and indeed it is from the head.

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