My Wife Has Been Beating Me Every Day, But As A Good Man This Is What I do (DETAILS)


A man has given an account of how his wife beats him every day and as a good man, he doesn’t complain.

This story about a man whose wife beats him every day was shared on Facebook by Tima Kumkum for discussion and advice from her fans and viewers. This story is about a man and what he is going through at home as his wife beats him every day.

Below is how the man narrated his story,

"We’ve been married for 2 years now and I’m already tired, Any small argument we have my wife throws things and beats me up. As a good man I’ve vowed to God never to touch any woman violently, Tima as I’m talking to you I’ve lost one of my front teeth because we had an argument and she hit me with a coffee table."
I’m not a happy man, we’ve been trying to have children but up until now no sign. There is not even anyone at home to play or talk with when I’m in my saddest moment. I’ve harbored this pain in me for so long and I realized she does all that because I told her when I met her about my vow to God.
She knows that no matter what I will never touch her violently, Tima this is something I can’t tell anyone close to us about because it’s disgraceful on my part. Please I want you and your listeners to advise me.
I’m a prayer leader in my church and a lot of the youth look up to me so I can’t even tell my pastor about it. Please what do I do? 

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