Ghana Parliament Fights Again (VIDEO)

Ghana Parliament Fights

Ghana parliament fights for the second time this year, this time its all about the introduction of the E-levy

Ghana parliament fights and honestly, I am very disappointed in the whole parliament of Ghana, we all know they are there and being paid by taxpayer’s money just to make policies that will improve the lives of Ghanaians.

It is gradually becoming normal for the Ghana parliament to fight over things they can solve maturely. The pictures and videos circulating on social media do not convey any positive image of the country’s parliament and Ghana as a country.

If you could remember there were very bad chaotic scenes from the same parliament early in the year during the process of choosing a speaker of parliament prior to the swearing-in of the current president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo.

The issues concerning the introduction of the new E-levy were scheduled to be discussed again yesterday, and suddenly the speaker of parliament in the person of Alban Bagbin walks out of parliament for reasons not really known. This presented the opportunity for Joseph Osei Owusu who is the deputy to take over, as he was about to walk to the seat, some members of parliament belonging to both sides of the house were seen dashing to the stage.

It is not clear what the intentions were, but it looked as though those from the majority side were rushing there to foil an attempt by their colleagues from the minority from going there to whisk the seat of the speaker away.

Within a short time, the face-off quickly escalates into a physical tussle. There were shoves here and there for a while until calm was restored. The scenes were nothing but shameful to this country Ghana.