My Client Duped Me After Using Me – Hook-Up Girl Cries On Social Media

Hook-up girl

A hook-up girl cries out on social media after a guy by the name PaaKwesi used her and stole from her as well.

Social media has become one of the platforms people go to express their happiness, share their sadness, or any form of information. The case in Ghana is different as most of the things we see on social media nowadays are from slay queens and hook-up girls who come out to express their disappointment.

The one we are talking about today is what I called occupational crises or let me say occupational hazards. Now let dive into the story for today which is all about a hook-up girl who has become a victim of a bad client.

I said a bad client because her story is sad and funny at the same time. This hook-up girl or lady was booked by a young man and after using her or enjoying her service he stole her money as well.

The hook-up girl we are talking about went to Facebook to cry out. This story was shared on Facebook through an account with the username ‘Barima Kwabena’. From what we saw from the pots, the lady or girl and the guy agreed to meet at the guy’s place for the action but after they were done they had an argument because the guy wasn’t happy with the hook-up girl because she shared her location with her friends for security purposes.

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Now their argument went on for some time and after, the girl visited the bathroom, and there and then, the guy by the name of Paa Kwasi stole money from her bag to pay her. This is called robbing Peter to pay Peter. The hook-up girl made it clear in the story which was shared on Facebook that she is alerting her other ladies against vipers like Paa Kwasi.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us. Was Paa Kwasi right to rob Peter to pay Peter or do you think it’s unfair?

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