Meet Sheena Gakpe, the Lady who’s photos are causing a stir on social media lately

by Ghnewslive
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There are a lot of careers that make up the fashion industry. The industry consists of photographers, make-up artists, hair and nail stylists, managers and most importantly, the models who exhibit products for brands.


Some of these models have plus sized bodies which they use to allure their fans astounding images of themselves. One model whose photos generate a lot of conversation each time she posts on social is Sheena Gakpe.

Sheena is a lovely Ghanaian lady who hails from the Volta region of Ghana. She works as a professional actress, brand influencer, fashion model and a content creator. Sheena is one of the youngest and quickly rising Ghanaian social media enthusiasts.

A major contributing factor to her popularity on social media, particularly on Snapchat and Tiktok is her superb body.Sheena has a not so huge body which is wonderfully curved. She has used it to get the attention of more than 67k Instagram users.


She never disappoints them, as she constantly updates with her latest fashion trends. Take a look at these lovely photos of her;

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