The UGLY Things A Doctor Does To Married Women In A Hospital EXPOSED!!!

We have chanced upon a report that exposed the dirty activities of a qualified medical doctor in a private hospital in Laikipia County.

Per what we gathered, this doctor allegedly assaulted a lady sexually in a hospital bed, and as if that was not enough, he threatened to deal with her if she would expose the secret to anybody.

The report was made by, and a video that circulated on social media revealed that a middle-aged woman whose identity was sealed because of security reason complained that the senior medical doctor had been making sexual advances to her while in a hospital bed, threatening to mete out ‘disciplinary action’ against her if she would dare to resist.

“Alinitoa nguo kwa nguvu na kunilazimisha kulala….Nilijaribu kukataa lakini akanitisha kuwa atanipiga,” the lady said

The victim further told the media that she knew the suspect as a senior medical doctor in the institution since the time she was admitted to the hospital for medications, but ironically he forced her to have an ugly act on that particular day without her will.

Laikipia county police commissioner while confirming the incident said the police are seeking to apprehend the suspect after medical reports revealed that he indeed committed the sinful act to his patient in the hospital.

“Medical examinations at the facility confirmed that she was indeed defiled, and that is why we are apprehending the suspect,” the officer said

The woman had been admitted at the health facility with chest pain when the medic pounced on her at midnight and committed the offense.

“The medic went to the patient’s room after midnight to attend to her, only to inject her with a sedative drug before raping her.

The doctor is reported to have dragged his victim to an isolation room and raped her after injecting her with a sedative drug.

The hospital’s top management committee said several attempts to bring the matter to the attention of the top management, they allege, had not borne fruit, with no action being taken.

“He is equally harassing elderly women sexually without fear. We are making this public because this has to end, and we do not want him harassing anyone anymore,” said the hospital management.

However, the top management boss said he has appointed a committee to investigate the matter and directed that the probe should be completed within two weeks.

“I have appointed a committee to investigate your allegations… The chairman of the committee is John Njoroge (not the real name) and the committee has up to 6th March 2022 to conclude the investigations,” Dr. Njoroge said in a letter addressed to the victim.