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McBrown Put Her Properties In Maxwell’s Name out of Respect – Insider Debunks Allegation McBrown Doesn’t Own Her Cars and Houses


After word leaked that actress and media celebrity Nana Ama McBrown’s marriage had purportedly fallen apart, allegations and counter-accusations flew from all sides.

Following the announcement, it appears that both sides are attempting to influence the public narrative of what occurred, resulting in several contradicting stories of what actually occurred.

According to one of the stories circulating, Nana Ama McBrown is far from the victim in this circumstance, according to a source close to Maxwell.

According to the informant, McBrown cheated on Maxwell multiple times, including once with an alleged 26-year-old notable actor!

According to the source, Maxwell Mensah has been looking after McBrown and that several of the cars and properties she frequently flaunts actually belong to Maxwell and not McBrown.

Blogger thosecalledcelebs, who broke the news of the divorce, quickly came out to rubbish that claim.

In a cryptic post, she said McBrown actually acquired her own wealth but registered some of the items in Maxwell’s name just as a sign of respect.

The blogger said that despite what might be on documents, the two of them both know who actually acquired the properties they own!

Read her post below…

McBrown Put Her Properties In Maxwell’s Name out of Respect

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