Matilda Melda Arhin-Carter Has Been Crowned The Winner Of Miss Western Ghana 2022.

Matilda Melda Arhin-Carter

The 2022 edition of Miss Western Ghana was very competitive, and after 14 weeks of serious grooming and activities, Matilda Melda Arhin-Carter has been crowned the winner.

Matilda Melda Arhin-Carter has made the people of Tarkwa proud. Let us take you through what Miss Western Ghana is all about.

Miss Western Ghana is a beauty pageant TV program that is yearly organized by EXONE entertainments and its media partners to help the people of the Western Region with their developmental programs.

According to EXONE entertainments, the main aim of this year’s Miss Western Ghana is to promote development through hand skills training and entrepreneurship programs in the Western part of Ghana.

The main slogan or motto of Miss Western Ghana is “Impacting on the lives of the youth through hand skills training and entrepreneurship programs” and indeed the past winners from 2019 to date have shown a massive commitment to the whole program.

Melda, who represented the people of Tarkwa saw very high competition from her runner-ups during the grand finale.

Matilda Melda Arhin-Carter Has Been Crowned The Winner Of Miss Western Ghana 2022.
Winner of Miss Western Ghana 2022 – Melda

The finals became very tough after Anas, Phyllis and Anita started giving her hard times through their performances but in the end, there should be one winner and she made it through.

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Phyllis 2nd Runner Up

Phyllis 2nd Runner Up

Anas on the other hand was the 1st Runner up for the night with Phyllis as the 2nd Runner up. Anita made the people of Beahu proud as the only person in their history to progress to the grand finale in very competitive pageantry.

Anas 1st Runner Up

It was a very great night and don’t forget Melda won the 2017 brand new Nissan Versa as the ultimate price. We will be updating all on her journey in providing free-hand skill training to her community and the people of the Western Region. The Queen and her runner-ups will be spending some good times at Egles Lodge which is located at Lagos town in Takoradi.