Mathematics Teacher Hospitalized After ‘Chopping’ 7 Female Students

Senior High School teacher has been hospitalized for chopping 7 female students in just a day, his name is Mr.Awuku.

7 Female Students

Mr. Awuku who is a maths teacher in one of our Senior High Schools has been hospitalized after enjoying 7 female students. This teacher a very charismatic and excels in his work. He has been able to transform a school that was previously noted for producing bad maths students.

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Awuku is a young handsome man who is loved by students and teachers alike, he is married to a beautiful woman called Mariam who lives in the united states. He was a virgin when he married his wife. Mariam was also a teacher but left the profession to seek greener pastures in the united states of America. They are yet to have any kids.

Awuku after being left alone has thrown his fidelity under the bus. He’s being cheating on his wife with anything in a skirt. This new trait of his was sadly extended to his students. He took advantage of any girl in his class that he had an attraction to. It became a clear incident of s_x for grades.

7 Female Students

In his sexual escapades, he tried to lure a student called Jennifer who was doing very poorly at his subject. He proposed to her to pay him a visit for one-on-one tuition. But she refused. He used all means possible but none of them was successful. Awuku never gave up. He continued his pursuit until one day Jennifer agreed to visit him.

On that fateful day, Mr, Awuku took his time to lay his bed and take a hot bath. He dressed neatly and waited for the arrival of his new prey.

He heard a knock on his door so he quickly rushed out. Low and behold it was Jennifer in the flesh. He invited her in. Awuku went ahead to provide her with the lessons he had professed to teach. Jennifer was enjoying maths for the first time but things took a different turn when her teacher started making advances towards her.

7 Female Students

She tried to resist but later gave in. However, she advised the teacher to use a spray she had brought along. The spray will make you last longer and that is what I want, she said. Awuku obliged and used it accordingly. He then began to have intercourse with Jennifer. This went on for a few minutes and then 6 more female students appear from nowhere.

Awuku was shocked to the core and couldn’t believe what was happening. He felt it was the end of the road for him. Little did he know the girls had other ideas. The girls happen to be friends with Jennifer and teacher Awuku had already had his way with all of them. Jennifer told them about the harassment so they planned to exact punishment for his bad deeds.

The girls demanded Awuku sleeps with all of them or get reported to the authorities. He agreed to the latter and took turns to sleep with all of them.

He became very exhausted and collapsed eventually. Awuku woke up in the hospital with a swollen abdomen and dysfunctional manhood.

A punishment that is deserving of a pedophile.

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