Martha Mukisa, a Ugandan Musician kicks a male fan for touching her inαppropriαtely on stage [Watch]

Martha Mukisa

Martha Mukisa, a Ugandan musician, was obliged to take action after a fan inappropriately grabbed her while she was singing.

Silly assaulting vocalists appear to have been a frequent behavior in the local music business.
Fans have tormented artists such as Vinka, Chozen Blood, Winnie Nwagi, Spice Diana, and many more.

Martha Mukisa, a promising singer, was singing at a sold-out show over the weekend when she was approached by a rowdy fan.

The Black Magic Records signee, who was dressed in a yellow figure-hugging bodysuit, was enraged when a fan reached out his hand and attempted to touch her.

The fan, who was standing near to the stage, reached out his hand and swiped his index finger across her ‘lady,’ prompting the singer to draw her body back.

Before one of the bouncers arrived, the obviously furious singer booted the fan and begged him to restrain himself.