Many People Have Joined Wendy Shay’s #BreakMyWaist Challenge, Videos Go Viral

Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay has introduced a new challenge as she dropped her own video for the break my waist challenge, now many ladies have joined the #breakmywaistchallenge.

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Wendy Shay has been trending online since she released her Break My Waist song. Now trends and challenges have one way or the other become the norm nowadays. Some people are ever ready to take part in almost every challenge thrown. They do this either for fame or a prize they would get after winning.

These days, almost every piece of music has a dance challenge attached to it. There have been several occasions where many people decide to join in these dance challenges that come with certain songs.

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Ghanaian musician has had most of their songs loved and jammed to by many people, Ghanaians and even those in other countries. Her current song which is trending is “Break my waist”. Even though not many people have heard of the song, those who have heard about it know the dance challenge it comes with.

The challenge has had many people participate in it and still more people are participating. In two videos recently shared by Wendy Shay on her Instagram page, two ladies who have joined the challenge have also “broken” their waists.

Watch some of the videos below,