Lady bitterly narrates how her own mother snatched her husband

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Today we are here with another sad story about a Mother who has snatched her own daughter’s husband comfortably.

Mothers are supposed to be supportive or in other words mothers are to help their children overcome challenges they face in some aspects of life especially in marriage. Today’s story is very annoying and at the same time very sad.

This is not the first time we are hearing a story like this, trust me many ladies are surfing from the same problem but they feel shy or are not bold enough to step forward and tell their stories like this one.

Let dive into the story for today. A young Ghanaian lady who got driven out of her own house by her own mother has taken to social media to share her story. The lady made it known that she was married to her husband for about 7 years now until her own mother snatched the man from her.

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Without wasting much time see the story she shared on social media below,

Sister Abena, if anyone tells you the stories you post are concocted then they’re not living in this world. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON

Abena I was married for a good 7 years but I’m a single mother now and why? Because my mother begye aware3 no booso (she took over my marriage)
After my dad died in my 5th year of marriage, my mother became very lonely. We are only 2 girls living far from her though we try to visit her once a month but it wasn’t enough and she’s the type who likes doing things herself so you’ll waste money if you employ a caregiver hmm. She was the type who always wanted to be on her own.

When I finally gave birth (in my 6 years of marriage) and she came to stay with me unless she’s coming to bath the baby if not she’s in her room. Small-time and she’s in her room but I realized she was always happy because of our baby. I spoke to my husband to let her stay until our child was about 6 months. Then boom, 3 months after giving birth I realized I was pregnant again. I was resuming work too and had a tough time convincing her to stay with us before she finally agreed.

She was fine with everyone but my husband always gave him straight answers. Since day one so I thought she didn’t like him but only tolerated him because of me. In my 5th month my mum completely changed, now wasn’t going into her room like she used to, was free with everyone and I loved this change. My sister came to visit us one time and said she’s really glad we took her in. I thought it meant she was finally over her grieving over my dad’s passing.

Sister Abena I never imagined, never thought, never dreamed that I’ll one day badge into my mum’s room to find her in bed with my husband. It was like a dream
I was sitting on the bed and I was just praying that I’ll wake up
I couldn’t hear anything. I became blind all of a sudden. I walked out of the room and if not a family friend who said when he saw me he realized he had to act fast otherwise I’ll go mad.

He quickly called a taxi, pushed me into it, and gave me 3 sharp slaps. I saw where I was and slapped him back n he looked at men said “good you’ve come back”

He asked me what happened, I was about telling him and I remembered everything, tears just rolled from my eyes. Abena nobody in my family wanted to believe me. My husband and my mother said they can never do that! They will never dream of doing that, that I don’t know what I’m going through…they even convinced my sister that I was telling lies, nobody believed me and said it was a dream

I told my husband to sack her or I’ll sack myself, he said she’s my mother. That I should sack her myself, this woman told me I don’t want her there and telling lies on her just to sack her. My sister took a bus all the way from Somanya to come and insult me for maltreating our mother. Me? Everybody said I had a bad dream

I was awake but I was being told I was dreaming that sister I was almost convinced I dreamed about the whole thing until one day I was fast asleep when something told me “Nana wake up and go to the bathroom” I at once woke up and when I opened the door my mother was in with my husband. Lucky that I was holding my phone

They were begging me but I took a video. Lucky for me I went to WhatsApp and took the video live in that family friend’s inbox because my husband forced me to give him the phone and he deleted but the family friend was able to watch and forward it to his wife before he did that. The wife also sent it to my sister. That’s how the whole truth came out. When we had a family meeting they said they have nothing to say

But when we came home because the elders told her to pack her things and leave our house, my mother my own blood mother told me and my sister that I don’t know how to treat my husband and if she’s making sure he doesn’t cheat on me I reported her

Abena this is not a movie, this is not a fake post my own eyes that this happened to me. I was asleep in the guest room one night because I hadn’t wanted to leave the marriage for her though everyone told me to. He had rented an apartment for her and wasn’t coming home unless to change clothes or maybe get something. This disgraceful act was what this man was doing and all those I went to talk to him will speak but he won’t do it.

I just got up that evening and packed everything. I packed everything in the house from around 3 anadwo (early morning). I packed his clothes and shoes to one side but I took everything away and had a car come for them. I hadn’t rented a place, I didn’t know if I was going to North or South but all I knew was I couldn’t stay in the house anymore.

Then I started calling friends to beg for free space. Lucky for me my sister had a friend who had moved from his place but had 3 months left on his advance. He made me crash there and paid one year for me. That’s how I got a place to rest my head. I offed my phone for more than one month and only my sister knew where I was living. I knew that apart from her and my kids I was alone in the world. My husband got to know where I was living but he couldn’t even step to my gate. Nanka that day I’ll call him a thief for people to beat him

Since then if he wants to see his children, he goes to their school and sees them during break time. We are legally divorced and I don’t want to see or smell him. As for my mother, she’s no longer my mother. No mother will do this to her daughter unless she has something under her eyes (witchcraft)

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