Ladies Here Are The Causes Of DRYNESS During Intimacy And How To Simply Cure It

DRYNESS During Intimacy

In this article, we will show you the causes of dryness during intimacy and how you can cure it without difficulties.

Many women experience dryness of the private parts at some time in their life, irritation, burning, and painful intimacy are all possible side effects. This could be due to a variety of circumstances, but it is in most cases after and around menopause. This is because your body at that stage produces less estrogen.

Maybe you are wondering what Estrogen is, but in a simple explanation, it is a hormone that aids in the lubrication, flexibility, and thickness of the private organ canal. Hope you know something about estrogen now.

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The weakening, dryness, and inflammation of the private walls can be caused by low estrogen levels and this is referred to as atrophy. There are other factors that can cause estrogen levels to drop, and they are childbirth, breastfeeding, cancer treatment, or the use of contraceptive tablets or anti-depressants.

Causes Of DRYNESS During Intimacy

Whether you know the cause or not, I am very sure your main focus is on how you can cure it. After doing some research on this, I’ve come up with a few healthy ways to cure private organ dryness. Follow the article to the end and benefit from it.

1. Lubricants that are based on water.

Other sorts of lubricants are available, but this one is both recommended and stain-free. Apply water-based lubricants before Intimacy to achieve this. Put it in and around your private organ or on the private organ of your partner.

2. V-Moisturizers:

Do you experience frequent dryness or painful Intimacy? Then, for dryness in the private parts, use V-moisturizers. To keep your private organ moist, apply it into it.

3. Use the fragrance- free soap that is recommended.

Please keep in mind that not all soaps are hygienic or suitable for washing your private areas. Wash around your private area with unscented soaps. Avoid using fragrant soaps, washes, or douches in and near your private area, I repeat.

4. Participate in foreplay.

It’s critical to savor every time you have with your lover. It might not be a good idea to go right into intimacy. So, to feel more aroused during lovemaking, attempt more foreplay.

5. Lotion/Cream

Applying creams or lotions to your private parts, such as petroleum jelly, might trigger an infection. Using moisturizers that aren’t intended for intimate use should be avoided going forward. Finally, if you notice infections, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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