Kuami Eugene’s Former Househelp Warns And Fires Asantewaa – Here’s why (Video)


Asantewaa has received a severe warning from Mary, Kuami Eugene’s former housekeeper, to refrain from mentioning her name.

Mary’s warning to Asantewaa comes after the TikTok celebrity made a video mocking Kuami Eugene’s former househelp, who claimed in an interview that she repeatedly passed out in the music sensation’s home from starvation.

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Mary claimed that she occasionally went hungry while staying at Kuami Euigene’s house because there was never enough food, despite the musician’s repeated assurances that he would bring food back.

In response to Mary’s claim, Asantewaa posted a video of herself making fun of the woman.

Asantewaa subtly rubbished Mary’s claims of collapsing in Kuami Eugene’s house due to hunger.

Well, Mary has reacted to Asantewaa’s troll at her and told her to shut up.

Mary chastised Asantewaa in a recent video, telling her to shut up and focus on raising her newborn instead of making noise about other people’s personal lives.

As seen in the now-viral video, Mary threatened to ruthlessly punish Asantewaa in the next days if she didn’t stop talking.

See the following video to learn more.

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