Kuami Eugene Drops New Hit Song “Single” – Track Records Over 100,000 Views in 24 Hours On YouTube

In the wake of setting out on a fruitful tour across the world, Kuami Eugene has released his most recent single. The new track, named “Single”, was released across different music streaming mediums on November 3, 2022.

Kuami Eugene.

Upon 24 hours after its release, the music video for the track has peaked at 109,000 views on the video-sharing medium, YouTube.

Kuami Eugene has had an enthralling experience during the latter part of the year. The Ghanaian highlife artiste, visited various regions of the world, from Australia, and New Zealand to Europe, to have a personal encounter with his global fans.

In headway of the Christmas merriments, Kuami Eugene has released a new track named “Single.” The track, made available for music lovers on November 3 2022, is his most latest tune since he declared his new alliance with global record label, Empire.

The new track, sees Kuami Eugene show his songwriting and creation abilities as he is accorded for the track’s verses and creation. The track views Kuami Eugene proclaiming himself as being single and out of a relationship after consistent issues with his partner. In the track, Kuami Eugene sings;

“I’m now free from your drama”

The tune likewise includes the line;

“I’m single for now”

Kuami Eugene.

Kuami Eugene additionally uploaded a stylish music video to go with his most recent track. Upon 24 hours after its release on YouTube, the video has scored a grand viewership of 109,000 respectively.

Kuami Eugene’s latest track, “Single”, has raised the height of excitement of various social media users, who are wildly thrilled of the musician’s singing skills, as seen below;

gyasi.micheal.714: Rockstar indeed made it

mastergarzy: Banger my g.

salmamumin_crush: Always a banger forget obiaa keep going Eugene

akwasibugati: Rockstar Africa Number 1

disskhidmusic: This one made me like you ❤️ you bi hard

st.harris_raver: Crazy song and video

kwasiampemdarko: My favourite song is out

iam__eugenia: It’s Global hit song y’all should wait for it

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