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JHS In Obuasi Ensuring Their Elections To Choose School Prefects Is Free And Fair

JHS in Obuasi

JHS in Obuasi took over the internet over the weekend as their electoral process in selecting new prefects popped online.

This is something Ghana should be proud of or the electoral commission of Ghana and its chairperson should be proud of themselves and the institution for the hard work they are putting in to ensure that every election in Ghana is free and fair.

This Junior High School we are talking about is located in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, the school has undoubtedly made Ghanaians and the institution responsible for conducting the elections in the country proud.

The name of the school was given to us as Boete Junior High School B, Obuasi, and the school conducted or embarked on the election of their School Prefects in a professional manner.

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Mostly, Ghanaian schools organize their school elections differently from the way, the electoral commission does but for a Junior High School such as Boete Junior High School to do this with the electoral commission materials shows that Ghana is improving in terms of ensuring free and fair elections.

The processes of the Boete Junior High School elections were the same as the processes used by the Ghana Electoral Commission. They had students who dressed like electoral Commission Officers, used electoral papers, and followed the other processes.

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Below is the post, that was posted on Facebook showing how the election was undertaken.

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