Jeremy Paxman got Parkinson diagnosis after a doctor saw him on tv

Jeremy Paxman got Parkinson diagnosis after a doctor saw him on tv

Jeremy Paxman got Parkinson diagnosis

Jeremy Paxman got Parkinson diagnosis: After seeing that the host was less “aggressive” during the University Challenge presentation, a doctor gave Jeremy Paxman a Parkinson’s diagnosis, according to the seasoned broadcaster.

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The former Newsnight host claimed that after collapsing while walking his dog, he was hospitalized and given the diagnosis. The 72-year-old man’s face, according to one of the doctors, had developed a “Parkinson mask.”

“Well, it was completely unexpected,” Paxman said of the diagnosis.

“I was walking around the square across the street. There was ice all around, and I had a dog with me – the dog was on a leash.

“The first thing I realized was when someone put me on a bench. I fell and badly ruined my face. “I went straight to my horn, which, as you can see, is not small. Cuts are everywhere. I was a real mess. And while I was in the emergency room, the doctor came in and said, “I think you have Parkinson’s.”

“And it turned out that he was watching The University Challenge and noticed that my face acquired the so-called Parkinson’s mask. “I was not as expansive and exuberant as usual. Had no idea.”

Parkinson’s disease, which has been around for many years, causes regions of the brain to progressively deteriorate, according to the NHS website.

The three main signs of this illness are slow movements, tight and inflexible muscles, and tremors, which are the involuntary shaking of certain body parts.

Paxman made the decision to leave his position as host of the University Challenge after 29 years in the position in August.

He said he decided to stop as it would become obvious to viewers that there was something “out of the ordinary” about him.

“I think I’ve been in the University Challenge for about 29 years, which is a very, very long time — too long, actually,” he said.

“I always think that if you are afraid to make a decision, make it.

“The University Challenge people were brilliant, but I really think I should stop doing this. I will be sad to refuse him, but there are no irreplaceable people.

“It will become obvious that there is something funny about me—and I mean unusual, not funny funny. So I don’t want to spoil their mood.”

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com

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