James Brown: Nigerian Crossdresser Glows With Excitement As Fans Gift Him A New Car

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown Obialor is drawing massive attention and love via social media after a deep-rooted core of his fans made a contribution to get him a brand new car.

The freshly sparkled car was driven by the fans to his home just to astound the crossdresser. Overjoyed James Brown, in the spike of the moment, couldn’t contain his excitement, as he looked all dazzled.

Mr Obialor, who changed from being distinguished as a lady to a man, quickly appears to have appealed to his fans more, given his new physical features.

James Brown, Nigerian crossdresser, basks in joy over receiving newly gifted car from his fans.

Nonetheless, remarks under the Car Gift video, indicates something entirely contrary. Many of his followers believe the car given to him, is only for public stunt purposes.

Some even mockingly revealed how they’ve additionally contributed their share towards procuring the car for their beloved figure.

One of his fans completely expressed that, in these difficult era that Nigerians are in, no admirer or follower will give out their well deserved cash to get a car for him (James).

Brown changed his personality, from dressing as a lady to a man, on a firm decision making basis. As indicated by him, altering his looks to a feminine figure, helps in sorting out his financial needs.

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