“Is Shatta Wale the father of Majesty?” – Archipelago clarifies


Shatta Wale’s former confidante, Archipelago, has explained and apologized for his earlier claim about the actual paternity status of His Majesty.

Archipelago in a heated beef with Shatta Wale some time ago had intimated that Shatta Wale’s son, Majesty, was not birthed by the dancehall artist.

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According to him, Michy knew the legitimate father of Majesty which he had said was not Shatta Wale.

Well, Archipelago has finally apologized for his utterances and stated that he had no fact to back his assertion that majesty was not the son of Shatta Wale.

Speaking on the Delay Show, Archiapalago said in the heat of their social media brawl (beef) each party had to go hard on each other regardless of the harm their words could cause… the reason he put out the info that Shatta Wale was not the father of Majesty.

“Everyone throws their jabs during a fight.” I was attempting to enter the music industry, and I wanted them to know that I was capable of doing so. That is why you must understand that I did not say those things because I was upset.”

“It’s only for the sake of amusement. It’s possible that it harmed him. If he was offended, he should forgive me because it was a sensitive situation.”

Although Archipelago has no remorse for his social media behavior at the time, he said Ara B, who was in the camp of Shatta Wale, was the orchestrator of the legendary bad blood.

“It was Ara B who said it,” says the narrator. As a result, I didn’t start it. It was said by him, and I repeated it. I wouldn’t have known if it hadn’t been made public. When there’s beef, anyone can say anything they want about you.”

I’m not embarrassed in the least. I wouldn’t be doing these things if I was ashamed. In real life, I’m ashamed, but not on social media,” she says.