“I’m A Lesbian, Stop Introducing Me To Your Jesus and (DETAILS)- Temmie Ovwasa Causes Debate

Temmie Ovwasa

Temmie Ovwasa spits some fire words – “I don’t want to know Jesus Christ; would he devour my vaayjay?”

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Temmie Ovwasa is one of Nigeria’s female musicians, she is also known to be a famous lesbian. She mostly posts a lot on her social media pages, but one of her recent posts is flying high on social media and has received so much criticism from netizens.

The Nigerian musician claimed that she doesn’t want anything to do with Jesus Christ in language that Christians would definitely consider blasphemous.

She didn’t stop there; knowing that she’s a lesbian, she stated that she had no business with Jesus, and she wondered if she might go down on her and give her a nice lick.

She honestly believes that if their God had to conceive a kid, Christians would have no moral superiority (perhaps referencing how Mary got pregnant and gave birth to Jesus Christ).

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Temmie went on to say that while he may be acceptable by Jesus, he isn’t worthy of her and that the same God who was best friends with David the rapist can’t be in her company.

Do you think she is saying it just for fun or something is pushing her to go that far?


4 Ways To Satisfy A Woman

1. Acknowledge and compliment her.

To satisfy your woman, you need to let her know how much you value and appreciate the impact she’s making in your relationship. We all loved to be complimented and it makes us feel good most especially if it’s coming from someone close to us. Your woman will be glad if you acknowledge and compliment her and it won’t be hard for you to satisfy her. 

As a man, no matter how little the contributions your woman is making, you should acknowledge it and always compliment her. By doing this, satisfying your woman won’t be hard.

2. Give her the chance to express herself.

To satisfy your woman, you need to be ready to give her the chance to express herself. That is, you should give her the chance to make the decisions she wants, give her opinions and try to listen to her. There’s no way you will satisfy a woman when you don’t even give her the space to express herself. 

3. Spend on her.

There’s no way you will satisfy a woman without talking about the materialistic aspect. As a man, your woman wants you to spend on her even if she’s not saying it. Although you don’t have to go beyond your boundary, the little you can afford is okay to make her feel satisfied. 

4. Correct her with love.

Lastly, to satisfy a woman, you need to be patient and always correct her with love. There are some times she will get on your nerves and you will get angry, instead of reacting violently or shouting at her, you should just sit her down and correct her with love. By doing this, your woman will feel satisfied in your relationship. 

As a man, you should never think it is impossible to satisfy a woman, as long as you understand them and you handle them with love, you will succeed in satisfying them. 

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