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Ibrahim Mahama Revels With Burna Boy Subsequent To Getting ‘Man Of The Year’ Honors At The Just Ended EMY Africa Awards

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Ibrahim Mahama Revels With Burna Boy
Ibrahim Mahama & Burna Boy having a blast at Twist Night Club.

Eminent Ghanaian finance manager and specialist, Ibrahim Mahama, has been seen with Nigerian artist Burna Boy, at Twist Night Club on the evening of Saturday, October 1, 2022.

The two distinctive influencers met to observe Ibrahim Mahama’s significant success at the recently ended EMY Africa Awards 2022, where he cleared away the Man Of The Year Award.

Per discovered video records, the two looked happy when they met as they radiated with smiles and postured for camera shots. The Ghanaian business tycoon, was identified having a blast subsequent to taking home the highest honor at just finished EMY Africa Award .

To commend this significant success, he and his team went to Twist Night Club to pour out drinks and relish in his momentous mark of social achievement, and also have a memorable time.

Nigeria’s Grammy award winning artist, Burna Boy, graced the occassion with sparks of elation, as he unexpectedly arrived at the club to join the man of the hour, Ibrahim Mahama in his victorious spree of achievement.

Ibrahim Mahama Revels With Burna Boy
Ibrahim Mahama displaying his awards received at the EMY Africa Awards 2022.

They were both spotted radiating with smiles and chuckling as they embraced and gave each other a masculine handshake combined with some conversational exchanges.

Some netizens have expressed their reactions towards the two personalities meeting up at the club to blow off some steam;

ama_coco said: Arhg , I was going to Twist last night o, but this rain deceived me … now see _

wil.liaam remarked saying: Odogwu

say_nas remarked saying: Why the bouncer frown so? Why ebe fight?

effe_lois_services remarked: Congrats

brave_t.tey said: My dear, it’s not a surprise they paid him to act that way.


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