I Cannot Marry A Northerner Again – Habiba Sinare

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Habiba Sinare, a famous Ghanaian actress, has set a foreboding shadow over any future marriage endeavor she might have had, or might have been involved in with any male prospect from the northern part of the country.

She intimated that individuals from the northern areas of Ghana were especially difficult to coexist with.

The actress asserted that her basis for this conclusion is established on her own insight as a divorced wife from her ex-husband, previous Black Stars footballer Abdul Majeed Waris.

In a forthcoming episode of MzGee’s show, Just Being Us, Habiba Sinare will discuss how she had post pregnancy anxiety disorder after the birth of her child with her ex-husband.

Habiba expressed that she was dealt with unreasonably by her ex-family and in-laws, spouse, and that she promised at absolutely no point ever to wed a northerner in the future along these lines.

Sharing detailing accounts of her experience, she said, “My husband’s father comes to the house, I am going out and he doesn’t understand why I am going out…They make my depression worse… I became so skinny, I was going through worse things [and] I couldn’t talk to nobody about..

“Our northern people are very hard to deal with. Every northerner knows that. I am not ashamed to say that I am a northerner. I cannot marry a northerner again; I am not even joking. Dating them is something else, marrying them is horribly something else,” she stated..

The actress has described her separation from Abdul Majeed Waris as bitter during a couple of discussions.

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