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Hassan Ayariga Accuses Bank Of Ghana Officials Of Being Corrupt

Dr. Hassan Ayariga, the All People’s Congress (APC) founder and leader, has chastised Bank of Ghana officials for their role in the cedi’s depreciation.

Many Ghanaians, particularly importers and exporters, are concerned about the cedi’s continued depreciation. The cedi is now worth more than ten dollars.

Hassan Ayariga, who appeared on Oyerepa Breakfast Time on September 20th, blamed the cedi’s recent decline on the country’s central bank.

“The Bank of Ghana gives dollars to the people operating foreign exchange bureaus and black markets. The people at the BoG, they themselves are corrupt.

How many foreigners come to Ghana so that they can give you ten million dollars? When Nigeria started dealing with its dollar issue, all the Nigerian businessmen were running to Ghana for dollars. That is the reason some airline tickets have gone up. That is what is destroying our country.


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