Hajia4Real allegedly set to face trial and jail term for fraud


Hajia4Real to face the court in the USA following her alleged arrest in the UK

Ghanaian Musician and socialite Hajia4Real was in the news recently after she was allegedly arrested in the United Kingdom, she made the waves for some days and it eventually appeared that she has been released.

Her arrest was allegedly in connection to fraud charges against her in the United States. Hajia steered away from the US since whatever alleged crimes she committed but often made UK trips.

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She returned to Ghana successfully and came out with a video speaking about what happened to her in the UK as many Ghanaians showed concern.

The latest information surrounding her case alleges UK authorities are preparing to hand Hajia over to the US. If this happens, she’ll face trial on her alleged fraud charges and certainly faces jail time if found guilty!

The news has yet to be confirmed but as with almost everything surrounding this case, it is bound to get confirmation anytime sooner or later.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com

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