Something Evil Is Beneath Kumawood, First Komfo Kolegae, And Now Ras Nene – Fans React


Something Evil Is Beneath Kumawood

Netizens’ have taken to social media to allege that there is something evil beneath Kumawood that is causing its stars to lose their loved ones.

The allegation that Kumawood is backed by an evil spirit became loud on social media after Kumawood actor/comic Akabenezer, popularly known as Ras Nene, lost his 3-month-old daughter on February 28th, 2023.

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Not long ago, there was a tragic death that hit Komfo Kolegae as he lost his wife and unborn son. The actor was struck by tragedy when his wife and unborn child both died on the delivery bed.

As people were reacting to the death of Ras Nene’s daughter, there are many who are still insisting that something evil is brewing underneath Kumawood.

Sad but truth be told it’s kind of weird. Recently kolege lost his wife and unborn child now Nene too. Kuma wood yiiii… Well what do I know,” a netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, Kolegae has led a delegation of Kumawood stalwarts to pay a visit to the mourning Akabenezer.