FLASH BACK: Funny Face’s Heavily Endowed Baby Mama Vanessa Tw3r.ks for Flowking Stone

by Ghnewslive

Funny Face’s baby mama has been trending after her old video pops up on the internet.

Vanessa Nicole is the full name of Funny Face’s baby mama, she was a video vixen before moving into acting, where the actor discovered her and they began dating?

Funny Face

The well-endowed mother of four girls has uploaded a throwback video of one of the music videos in which she appeared like a vixen.

The song “Go Low,” by Flowking Stone, was released 5 years ago and is featured in the video.

Vanessa Nicole documented the happy occasion in a post on her Instagram page.

Many others were ‘blinded’ by the sight of Vanessa Nicole’s backside.

Vanessa was startled by how quickly time passes when she shared the video, and she encouraged her followers to find her in it.

Vanessa wrote:

“Eiiii 6 years ago tell me what if you saw what I saw.”


SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com

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