Fella Makafui Accused Of Crushing On Kudus – Actress Allegedly Obsessed Over The Football Star

A screen capture causing a stir on social media seems to claim that married Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui, is deeply infatuated with Black Stars player, Mohammed Kudus.

The screen capture accuses Fella Makafui of fixating on the 22-year-old footballer so obsessively that she has been saving his photographs on her phone.

It proceeds on to purport that the mother of one is intending to consult a strong local spiritualist to charm the footballer with a love elixir.

It can’t be conclusively affirmed the magnitude of the charges leveled out against Fella Makafui since the information on her phone isn’t freely accessible, hence it would be prudent to urge readers to treat this screen capture with a smidgen of rationality.

Reports that made waves anyway affirm that Fella Makafui and her better half Medikal are having spousal issues that is jeopardizing their relationship.

As indicated by rumours circulated around, the couple is as yet engaging in squabbles in the background because of Medikal’s supposed infidelity.

Fella’s tweet, asking what men want in life, seems to suggest that upon all of her qualities and perhaps the things she accomplishes for her spouse, Medikal is as yet not pleased, and is as a result, going out looking for more pleasures.

Medikal, who is Fella Makafui’s husband, likewise posted a Snapchat story to chide marriage partners for being problematic in their relationships, stating that women ought to be courteous, submissive, appreciative, and stress-free.

Numerous netizens are of the view that the actress is searching for different romantic partners, and the Kudus rumour may be valid. In any case, look at the screen capture beneath.

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