Fear Humans: Here Is Why Agya Koo Was Deleted From TikTok.

Agya Koo Was Deleted From TikTok

Agya Koo, a renowned Ghanaian performer, said that his account was deactivated from TikTok after multiple users repeatedly reported him.

Agya Koo claims that although he recently joined the app and hasn’t committed any severe offenses warranting removal, a group of people have banded together to have him fired.

In a video he posted to social media, he said he didn’t see why other users may feel threatened by him because the proprietors of the program pay for their TikTok revenue.

Agya Koo disclosed that initially, he was not interested in joining the app but some people deliberately called him to come on board to add to the fun, but after signing up, other people made sure his account get deleted.

Agya Koo went on to plead with his fans to help him get his account back! He noted that he needs 15 people to remove the warning tag on his account.

This is not the first time Agya Koo has gone through it. The Kumawood actor had previously mentioned that his craft and other disagreements with particular producers caused him to be marginalized in the industry.

His career unexpectedly came to an end once he was eventually pulled off the screen!


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