20 Fun Facts About Taylor Swift

Facts About Taylor Swift

Facts About Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift, a music superstar, puts her heart and soul into her passionate lyrics, revealing her darkest secrets to the world.

However, there is still a great deal to learn about the life and biography of this well-known superstar. T-Swift never ceases to amaze us, whether it’s through her fascinating childhood or her odd taste in house design.

Discover 40 really interesting and entertaining facts about Taylor Swift by reading on.

20 Facts About Taylor Swift

1. Taylor Swift is a Self-Taught Musician

If there’s one thing you should know about Taylor, it’s that once she sets her mind on something, she’s going to follow through. The talented singer proved this at the age of 12 when she learned how to play a 12-string guitar all by herself (well, with the little help of a repairman who taught her how to play three cords). 

The rest was all down to her, though – she spent at least four hours a day practicing until she perfected her playing skills.

2. Taylor Grew Up on a Christmas Tree Farm

Is there anywhere cooler to grow up in other than a place that revolves around the most wonderful time of the year? It’s true – Taylor Swift spent most of her childhood growing up on a Christmas tree farm until the age of 14. She even got stuck in and helped her dad by debugging the trees to make sure they didn’t infest the house. I guess we know who to go to when in need of a new tree this season…

3. She Won a Talent Competition Aged 11

At the young age of 11, Taylor Swift won a local talent competition by covering the LeAnn Rimes song, Big Deal. Evidently, her love for LeAnn shines through her own similar music. Likewise, Taylor also writes deeply emotional songs that cover the ups and downs she’s been through.

4. Taylor’s a Real Estate Pro

Taylor knows how to invest her money wisely! With her hefty pay check, she’s got onto the property ladder and invested her cash in not one, but eight properties, over four states, that are worth over $81 million. Her property empire includes an estate and a house in Beverly Hills, a penthouse, townhouse and condo in New York, an estate in Watch Hill and an estate and condo in Nashville.

5. She Has Over 20 Songs Dedicated to Exes

This piece of trivia is no secret to music fans. The blonde beauty has penned over 20 songs about her ex-boyfriends. From Harry Styles to John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor has covered many songs dedicated to her love, heartbreak and raw emotion. 

One thing is for sure, the music mastermind has built an entire empire off the memories of her exes. These songs have helped her become the fourth most successful female singer of all time.

6. Taylor’s Lucky Number is 13

Unlike others who hate the connotation of number 13, Swiftie believes that it’s her lucky number, especially because it’s her birthday (she was born on December 13th). 

Her first album also went gold on the 13th week, she won an award when she sat in the 13th row, and her first number one hit had a 13-second intro. With all this being said, you can probably judge why the number 13 is so important to the megastar.

7. She Dreamed of Being a Broadway Star

Before Taylor even laid eyes on songwriting, she had her eyes set on the big stage. As she had acting and singing classes from a young age, she hoped to join both her passions and performing on-stage, but after endless rejections in the Big Apple, Taylor changed direction and started songwriting, instead.

8. She Also Wanted to be a Stockbroker 

Before she fell in love with music, Taylor Swift wanted to become a stockbroker like her father. That said, when her family moved to Tennessee, she found her real passion – music. 

9. Taylor Made Her Debut in ‘CSI’

Taylor Swift is not only known for her killer vocals, stage presence and songwriting skills, but also for her on-screen performances. She first debuted as Haley Jones on CSI, before making a cameo appearance in Hannah Montana: The Movie. Since then, she’s appeared in Valentine’s DayThe Giver and Cats.

10. She’s an 11-Time Grammy Award Winner

This cool fact about Taylor will make you proud of the Folklore star. At the young age of just 32, this pop-icon has 11 Grammy awards tucked safely under her belt. In 2010 at just 20-years-old, Taylor made history when she became the youngest solo artist to win Album of the Year for Fearless (a feat now beaten by Billie Eilish). 

Taylor has even bagged the Billboard award for ‘Woman of the Year’ not once, but twice (in 2011 and 2014). That’s more times than any other female pop artist!

11. She Has a Framed Picture with Kanye

This Taylor Swift fact comes as a real surprise! Believe it or not, she has a framed photo of her famous feud with Kanye West, where he rudely interrupted her acceptance speech during the 2009 VMAs. The frame is placed underneath a handwritten note that says: “Life is full of interruptions”.

What a way to stay motivated throughout the day.

12. She Was Once Against Streaming Sites

At a time when most artists embraced the arrival of streaming websites, Taylor refused to release her album, Red on the music-streaming site Spotify. After a while, she gave in, but withheld all her songs and embarked on a three-year spat with the site over receiving low royalties on her songs. 

The reason for the release of her music on these streaming sites was due to her 1989 album passing 10 million sales, but many speculate that it’s because her rival Katy Perry was set to debut her new album on the service.

13. Taylor Won $1 Million in a Lawsuit

Taylor was reportedly groped during a meet-and-greet in Denver by Radio DJ, David Mueller. Although she aired the incident, she didn’t demand a single dollar. 

Instead, she wanted to make the assault public and prove herself a role model to other women. Following the report, the DJ then sued the Reputation singer for ruining his career (as if he didn’t do that on his own!). She then counter-sued the DJ and won exactly $1 million in the lawsuit.

14. Her Household Interior is…Weird

Along with the framed picture of her run-in with Kanye West, T-Swizzle also has a fish tank full of vintage baseballs. If that’s not bonkers enough, she has a rail of white nightgowns that she throws on when her pal, Lena Dunham is visiting, to feel like they are “pioneer women”.

15. She’s Named After James Taylor

Here’s a fun fact about Taylor’s life you certainly didn’t know. Her parents are huge fans of iconic singer James Taylor and they loved him so much that they wanted to name Swiftie after him. With the name came the same career path, and the pair even had the chance of performing together at a benefit in 2011.

16. Her Grandma was a Professional Opera Singer

It’s no surprise that the vocal flair runs in Taylor’s family – her grandma, Marjorie Moehlenkamp-Finlay was a professional opera singer and always influenced Taylor to sing and pursue a career in music.

17. Taylor’s Never Been to Therapy 

Instead of confiding in a trained professional, Taylor prefers to just discuss her feelings with her mom. Her mother has been with her through all of her ups and downs and is the only person that truly knows who she is and what she has been through. Tay told Rolling Stone, “God, it takes so long to download somebody on the last 29 years of my life, and my mom has seen it all.”

8. She’s Super Charitable

While most celebs give back to their community to avoid hefty taxes, Taylor actually does it out of the goodness of her heart. She donated $15,500 to a fan whose mother had been in a coma for three years, without forgetting the $17,000 she gave to her home library, or the $10,000 she donated to a service dog of a boy with autism. These acts of kindness are just a few examples among the long list of good deeds Taylor has done since being in the limelight.

19. Taylor’s a Self-Proclaimed Novelist

At an age (12) when most girls played with their hair and gossiped about their celeb crushes, Taylor was busy writing a novel. The non-autobiographical novel was titled A Girl Named Girl, and according to Tay’s parents, they still have the copy! Who knows, it might be a best-seller if it ever gets released.

20. She’s Scared of Being Tatted

An interesting fact about Taylor you didn’t know… Most celebrities have tattoos, yet this starlet is scared of the needle. In 2019, Taylor debuted a massive back tattoo on the cover for her single You Need To Calm Down, but the shocking ink turned out to be fake (duh!). 

She did reveal that if she were to ever get one (which is highly unlikely), it would be a tattoo of her lucky number, 13. “I don’t think I could ever commit. I don’t think I could ever commit to something permanent,” she told Taste of Country.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com