Richard Williams III Biography: Age, Parents, Siblings, Wife, & Net Worth

Richard Williams III Biography: Age, Parents, Siblings, Wife, & Net Worth

American tennis coach Richard Williams is well-known. He has coached a number of legendary tennis players in America and is well-known for being Serena and Vernus Williams’ coach.

February 14, 1942 saw the birth of Richard Williams. In 2022, Richard Williams will turn 80.
He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, together with her sisters and parents, but after finishing high school and college, he subsequently went to Saginaw, Michigan, and then to California.

It is the Saginaw. Michigan City and California have made him a legendary coach.
Richard Williams is 6″ tall and weighs 87 kg.

Richard Williams Age

Richard Williams was born February 14, 1942. Richard Williams is 80 years in 2022.

Richard Williams Parents

Richard Williams the Great Tenis Coach was born to Richard Dove Williams and Julia Mae Metcalf. The couple had four other children.

Richard Williams Siblings

Richard Williams had four other siblings. Records of his family say they include Barbara, Pat, Penny, and Faye.

Richard Williams Children

From records, Richard has been married to three women in his lifetime. Information on his marriages is scanty but reports say he first met Betty Johnson. He married Betty in the year 1965 who he had kids including Sabrina, Ronner, Reluss, Richard III, and Reneeka with. However, they divorced.

Richard moved on and married Oracene “Brandy” Price in 1979 who was also a divorcee with her three daughters. Richard married her in the years 1980 and gave birth to Venus on Jue 17, 1980, and Serena on September 26, 1981. However, this marriage too hit a snag in 2002.

Richard after his second marriage collapsed met Lakeisha Graham who was servicing as a grocery store owner at that time. They fell in love and got married. They gave birth to Dylan in 2012 but divorced at later in 2017.


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