Erin Napier Takes Daughters on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Erin Napier Takes Daughters on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Erin Napier Takes Daughters on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Erin Napier experienced a flashback when she took her two young girls into a closet full of her childhood toys. 

Her spouse and co-host, Ben, is the father of Helen, 4, and Mae, 1.“And my mama wanted to clean this closet out when I went to college,” she captioned an Instagram post on October 8, 2022. “BOY WE SHOWED HER TODAY.”

The Napier sisters, dressed in pink, were pictured searching through a closet full of children’s books and toys. 

A Powers Elementary School sticker adorns wooden shelves.

Ben and Erin gained to fame on “Home Town,” refurbishing homes in her hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. 

The success of the duo has resulted in a franchise, which includes “Home Town Takeover,” “Home Town Kickstart,” and “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop.”

Erin Napier’s Fans Reveled in the Nostalgia

Erin’s fans relished the memories, offering their own stories in the post’s comments section.

Stuffed animals heaped around the room included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse, Big Bird, and a big Barney. “The amount of memories in one frame,” one fan said, while others pointed out their favorite characters.

Another person mentioned that their mother-in-law kept her husband’s childhood toys. “When we visited, our kids would play with things from their father’s childhood,” she continued. Those toys were passed down through three generations. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have both died away, but those toys were cherished and held many memories.”

Only time will tell which of the girls’ toys Ben and Erin hold onto. But, one of the commenters shared their point-of-view as a grandparent.

“I love this!” the wrote. “I saved so many of my sons and daughter’s toys and books. Now my grandkids play with them. [grinning emoji]”

And who knows which of their toys will point to their future careers. As one comment read, “my little brother convinced my mom to let him save all his old toy animals too- now he’s in vet school [red heart emoji].”

Ben & Erin Napier Suprised Fort Morgan for ‘Home Town Takeover’ With Helen & Mae in Tow

Helen and Mae were on hand when the Napiers announced season 2 of “Home Town Takeover” in Fort Morgan, Colorado. The couple had previously dismissed another season of the spinoff.

“In a perfect world, Erin and I could go and renovate all these towns and we could restore all of them and we could also restore Laurel and we could, you know, raise our babies the way we want to,” Ben previously explained to Heavy. He added that it was “just not possible” to manage it all while being “good parents.” But this time, they will be joined by Dave and Jenny Marrs.

As Erin wrote on Instagram, the “Fixer to Fabulous” stars “are going to help us carry the load so we can do more without losing our collective sanity. BLESS Y’ALL MARRSES.” Ben and Erin previously took over the town of Wetumpka, Alabama.

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