Efya causes a stir with her baby bump – Video

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Efya causes a stir with her baby bump

Ghanaian Sensational singer, Efya Nokturnal has got netizens talking after stepping out to town with a tummy a bit too big making her look pregnant!

Efya has taken the number spot on the trending list after a video of her with a baby bump-looking stomach out in town hits the internet.

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The video has already sparked some serious arguments online as many believe she is pregnant and others to are saying her stomach has become big and there is no pregnancy.

The sensational singer is the embodiment of a free spirit like no other in Ghanaian showbiz.

Efya gives zero f*cks about being a traditional lady who has to get married and rear kids.

She’d rather live her life and smoke some weed when she can.

However, things might be changing.

Efya’s tummy looks so big she’s inadvertently sparked pregnancy rumors. On one hand, some fans say there’s no doubt Efya is pregnant. Others say it could be as simple as her having too much banku before stepping out – which is also easy for her to do.

Efya is so carefree she could easily eat too much and step out with a poly tank tummy and not give a damn!

Who knows? We only know something is going on in that tummy. Watch the video of Efya looking pregnant and sound off below…

Efya causes a stir with her baby bump – Video


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