Delay Responds To Afia Schwarzenegger’s Allegations After Accused Of Exhibiting Immoral Life Standards

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Female media personality and established entrepreneur, Delay, has unpretentiously responded to Afia Schwarzenegger’s wild accusations seeking to assert that she was once eager to be the side chick of either a footballer or a politician.

In an extended post created by the comedienne on her Instagram page only a couple of hours prior, she criticized Delay for having a twofold life, on the basis that she presents herself as a morally upright person on social media, but yet lives a duplicitous life in actuality.


Among other disclosures, she implied that Delay has been pursuing men and couldn’t be viewed in a serious light, had she continuously talked about ethical qualities, feminine virtues, and respectability.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s most recent allegations against Delay, came shortly after the female media character cautioned a considerable number of ladies who were in attendance during the event, not to be swayed by the phony existences of celebrity figures who display attractive lifestyles on various social media platforms.

In a new Instagram post, Delay has dismissed Afia Schwarzenegger’s uncouth words directed towards her.

She disregarded the accusations made by her previous best friend, aiming to suggest that she assumed a fundamental part in her prosperity.

As per Delay, in spite of the fact that she has been victimized, hurt and shoved away, she has endured every bit of test thrown at her due to her strength and God’s divine grace.

Sharing an appealing photograph of herself radiating with sparkling smiles, she captioned her image with these specific set of words as seen underneath;


‘You are the boss of your life. You alone make the choices and take the actions that lead to the life that you are living. Of course we have been victimized, harmed, pushed away, but these actions by others do not define US. We understand, heal, learn and get up again stronger and wiser. No one has the power to name who we are. This is our right my loves!‘

After their foundational friendship got severed, Afia Schwarzenegger has been a thorn in Delay’s flesh, and has relentlessly pursued every range of opportuinity to openly dish out derogatory remarks at her.

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