Deep revelations on why fresh blood was spotted in Mohbad’s coffin with no smell


A new video circulating on social media during the autopsy exhumation process suggests the possibility that the Mohbad may have been buried alive. In the video, several concerning observations were made during the exhumation.

Firstly, there was no foul smell emanating from his body, even though he had been buried for nine days.

Secondly, fresh blood was observed on his coffin, which led to speculation that he might have been buried while still alive and had struggled within his coffin.

These developments have ignited a significant online discussion, with many individuals calling for further investigations into the circumstances surrounding his initial burial.

Some are even calling for the arrest of his father, who allegedly rushed for the musician’s early burial under reasons yet to be clarified.

The situation raises numerous questions and concerns about the events leading up to his death and the subsequent burial.

Mohbad’s grave

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