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Cristiano Ronaldo Takes This Sad News That Happened To His Best Friend To Social Media

Cristiano Ronaldo

Five times Ballon D’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo has taken his pain to social media platforms for his fans and even those who don’t like him to know how he currently feels.

Cristiano Ronaldo who has returned to the club that made him popular Manchester United on his Facebook platform wrote how painful he feels about the death of his best friend’s wife Soraia.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s post is really heartbroken and the manner in which he expressed his feelings about this sad news can make most of his fans feel his pain.

His best friend Jose Semedo’s wife died in Soraia died in September 2021, having been hospitalized due to an infection she had already had.

Cristiano Ronaldo took to his Facebook platform to say a lot of things and it will be proper for his fans to read it themselves. He wrote them in Portuguese but was translated into the English language.

One thing that has got most people talking is when he revealed that, “Nothing can erase the pain of my brother Jose Semedo and the whole family but we are together, today as always in facing this difficult time.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Semedo played together during the beginning of their career in Sporting.

Cristiano Ronaldo

And he has always been seen with Cristiano Ronaldo on countless occasions enjoying themselves.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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