GMB 2021 Aguement: TV3 Cheated on Setor and Wedaga, Ghanaians talk about Sarfoa’s Crown.

GMB 2021, out of 16 gorgeous ladies who started the program, 10 were evicted from the competition through votes and judges’ decisions.

The remaining 6 were: Sarfoa, Akosua, Wedega, Mfodwo, Manu, and Setor. These pretty contestants have held their regions in high esteem and told the good stories of their respective regions to the best of their knowledge.

However, there has to be only one queen and apparently, after putting all the votes together, Sarfoa, the representative of the Ashanti region won the pageant.

She was crowned and she is officially Ghana’s Most Beautiful, taking the crown from her immediate predecessor- Naa, from Greater Accra. After the declaration, some Ghanaians on social media have resorted to taking Media General’s TV3 on.

According to Amos Jeff Godzo, the man who initiated the argument on Facebook, TV3 cheated Wedaga and Setor, for him, he wouldn’t encourage any Ghanaian lady to waste her energy on TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB). However, other Ghanaians who saw the statement to be repugnant reacted and defended Sarfoa.

They enumerated the qualities that Sarfoa had, which most contestants lacked. Sarfoa is eloquent, intelligent, humble, mature, and distinguishingly beautiful.

Although Setor and Wedaga were equally beautiful and intelligent, they didn’t have a high sense of humor and votes like Sarfo, therefore, no one can blame TV3 for their loss.

Besides, this is not the end of the road for them. They have the exposure and priceless opportunity to influence the change they profess to be are passionate about. The sky is not the limit.

There is no need to be crowned before you can feel like a queen. Enjoy some of the arguments that other Ghanaians registered on social media concerning Sarfoa’s victory:

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