‘Crazy they still won’t cancel The Flash’: Fans slam WB for protecting Ezra Miller after pleading not guilty to burglary, face 26 years in prison

Fans slam WB for protecting Ezra Miller after pleading not guilty

Why do 10 cows always face north or south when feeding is one of many mysteries in life that we may never fully comprehend. Why did some mammals enter the water again? And why on earth, even after a number of incidents that have damaged the reputation of the business, does Warner Bros. continue tolerate Ezra Miller’s bad behavior?

The off-screen antics of Ezra Miller continue to be a huge source of dispute between those who desire them and, well, their fans. With a public apology just one month ago, the Flash actor seemed to be heading in the right direction. However, the Vermont burglary case has resurfaced, severely destroying any chance of the Beware the Gonzo star receiving forgiveness from his fans.

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Ezra Miller at an event

Ezra Miller pleads not guilty to burglary charges

You can say Ezra Miller had a pretty decent Hollywood career. The 30-year-old actor is quite a popular name among fans of the DCEU, a franchise in which Miller plays the speedster Flash.

Aside from their involvement in the DCEU, Miller is also known for his roles in acclaimed films like We need to talk about Kevin and Charlie’s world.

Ezra Miller FandomMovies
the flash

In fairness, Miller is also a decent actor, although DC fans think differently of their portrayal of Barry Allen/The Flash. But their acting skills aren’t the only reason DC fans have a negative opinion of the fantastic beasts star.

The actor has found himself in trouble time and time again over the past year for numerous offenses including disorderly conduct, assault, burglary and more. Having an actor with a troubling criminal record like Miller play your favorite comic book character would eventually elicit harsh criticism and an overall negative opinion of them.

Now, what comes as fresh news is that Miller has pleaded not guilty to the dual charges that were brought against them for the alleged theft of liquor bottles by breaking into their neighbor Isaac Winokur’s house in Vermont.

This only warrants more hate from DCEU fans who already wanted Warner Bros. sees the actor after the multiple controversial incidents in which Miller was the alleged perpetrator.

Fans are shocked that Ezra Miller is still working for Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller has pleaded not guilty to the burglary and theft charges that were brought against them in August, but they certainly can’t plead not guilty to being a PR headache for the DCEU and Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller FandomMovies
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

Fans are convinced there’s some kind of black magic trickery going on, which could be the only possible reason why WB doesn’t want to part ways with the 30-year-old actor. Some have even accused WB of protecting Miller because they’re the face of a big DCEU movie.

Here are some of the best reactions to Miller’s latest legal news-

This user is not off base with their statement-

It’s hilarious-

The sarcasm is obvious-

Maybe? –

Ezra Miller has already apologized for his past behavior in August, and his agent says he’s getting the help he needs for Miller. “complex mental health issues”. Hopefully they can follow up on their apology once this matter is resolved.

the flash is scheduled for June 23, 2023.

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