‘Cobra’ hitmaker, Obaapa Gladys drops new song titled ‘Borla Borla’

‘Cobra’ hitmaker, Obaapa Gladys drops new song titled ‘Borla Borla’

Obaapa Gladys, a Ghanaian internet sensation who went viral with her hit song Cobra, has returned with a new single titled ‘Borla Borla’, which means waste items in Twi.

Obaapa Gladys’s song has already gained popularity on TikTok, where the singer posted a short video of herself performing it while dressed as a garbage collector and pushing a wheelbarrow.

The singer’s song is a comedic take on people with bad attitudes and what they do to those who have to deal with their bad behavior.

Obaapa Gladys’ fans have expressed their love and admiration for her new song, praising her creativity and originality. People said the song sounded good, despite how funny it was.

Check out the video below

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