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Captain Smart Details How He Saved The Life Of Nana Addo From Death In 2016 (VIDEO)

Controversial media figure, Captain Godsbrain Smart has shocked Ghanaians with his recent revelation regarding Nana Addo, the president of Ghana.

He made this known on Thursday, October 20 on his widely watched Onua TV and it came after the NIB arrested him for criticizing the president of Ghana and claiming that he was actively engaged in illegal mining activities there.

During his show on Thursday, Captain Smart said;

“…the so-called security apparatus wants to scare journalists; me [they can’t]. They should go and ask Kan-Dapaah, Addo Kufuor, J.A. Kufuor or even Nana Addo, who I saved his life in 2006; like he would have died like a chicken, ask him. Ask him that when he was taken to his hometown, Kibi, and we were returning to Accra, ask him what happened on our way. I saved Nana Addo’s life, you are all sick, ask Akufo-Addo, he will tell you.

Ask Akufo-Addo who saved his life in 2006, when you meet him ask him. When we came to Accra he was asking what I wanted and I told him that I don’t need anything. My responsibility is to make sure that you live because I believed in him from 2005…”

Watch the video below;


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