Awkward Moment Man Was Caught Mastur.bating On His Sick Bed (VIDEO)

We have chanced upon a video that captured the moment a man who was supposedly sick doing an awkward thing.

The man was on his hospital bed and thinking that no one was looking at him, he took the chance to satisfy his pleasure by masturbating and this has garnered some reactions from social media users.

To watch the video, CLICK HERE!!!

In other news, a young man has taken to social media to share an awkward incident that occurred to him. This happened to him immediately after his breakup with his baby mama, he claims, and it has left him in a state of confusion.

He shared his sad experience with popular social media coach Auntie Momoza, and in the post, he stated that his manh00d has been decreasing since breaking up with his baby mama.

The post reads;

“Hi Auntie. Please keep me anonymous. Something weird is happening since I broke up with my baby mama. The size of my dick is decreasing. It was more than 16 centimetres long when I was with her. After our break up it decreases by 1 centimetre every month. If it continues with this pace my dick will disappear before Easter next year. Anything I can do to fix this?”


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