Moment Brand New Expensive Benz Car Went Up in Flames

We have chanced upon a tragic event when a brand new car that had not been registered caught fire.

The incident reportedly occurred in Tamale, and no one was seen near the car as it caught fire. Following the video’s virality, social media users voiced their opinions, with many sending condolence messages to the driver’s owner.

Check out the video below;

Some reactions the video got are;

@rauf_alaba – This unfortunate incident happened in tamale ( Lamashegu) few days ago.

@Bownty_G37 – Na so e go happen if you won run with yo mallam’s percentage 🔥.a Dey pay mine every month.!

@GodIsAlive18 – Kai. May God almighty bless the owner to rebuy new as soon as possible… “God is Alive”

@kUkY11111111 – That’s why u need to register your car oooo stop driving DV machine b machine anything can happen

@AwulaAkua – Oh ghana, ppl were rather taking coverage rather than helping to stop the fire.

@coffiewood1 – Herrrr when this happens I mean there is nothing you can do to save yourself….Fire extinguisher 🧯 is needed everywhere…

@amporfo1 – So the person taking the video can’t do anything to help hmmmmmm

@OsmanSalimWa – Imagine the one taking the video used his phone to call the fire service instead.


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