Black Sherif’s Mother Clears The Air In The Ongoing Dispute Between His Son And His Ex’s Dad

The mother of phenomenally celebrated Ghanaian artist, Black Sherif, has stood in place to give his son the needed support and backing he so crucially needs, in light of recent events and accusations piling up on the ingenious musician, as she steps in to offer words of consolation, in response to allegations thrown against his son for purportedly having a hand in the death of his deceased girlfriend.

Black Sherif.

Black Sherif has been surrounded with a problematic aura of dispute, after he composed a tribute tune for his late high school girlfriend, Clementina, entitled “Oh Paradise”. However, despite Black Sherif’s good intentions, the family of the late Clementina, are in fact, unhappy about the manner in which their cherished one has been portrayed for the world to perceive.

The dad of Clementina, known as Clement Kofi Adu Boufour in an interview with Abro, said that he believes Black Sherif is affronting the memory of his late daughter. He expressed that there is no reality in the notion that Black Sherif had a romantic relationship with his daughter.

He further added that Black Sherif never showed up at the burial service grounds of his girl when she was laid in state, thus he doesn’t completely accept that they dated or even had any relationship at all to begin with.

He further called upon Black Sherif to tell the truth on his alleged relationship with her little girl or else he will be compelled to pursue this issue on the grounds that he (Black Sherif) could’ve had a part to play in the demise of his late daughter.

Black Sherif & his late girlfriend, Clementina.

The mother of Black Sherif has replied back to the father of Clementina Konadu, as she portrayed the relationship between her son and his late girlfriend as an “SHS fling”.

She additionally beseeched the family of the late Clementina, to halt the endeavor of trying to taint her son’s reputation, and furthermore, put a stop to the act of trying to discredit the essence of his debut album “The Villain I Never Was,” as it only seeks to tell the story of a survivor trying to make a headway in a world of uncertainties.

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