VIDEO: How ‘Ungrateful’ Black Sherif Packed Out Of His Manager’s House After All The Investment Into His Musical Career

Talented Ghanaian musician, Mohammed Ismail Sherif who is known as Black Sherif is currently trending on the social media space.

He is trending because he has reportedly packed out of his manager’s house after he allegedly signed a deal with one record label identified as Empire without the consent of his manager.

This allegation was made by DJ Slim and from how he spoke, he seems to know more about the relationship between Black Sherif and his manager. He claimed that Black Sherif and his manager are been best of friends adding that the manager always spends lots of cash on him.

Dropping more secrets, he indicated that Blacko’s manager even bought the musician a brand new car a 2020 Tundra, however, in less than two months, he crashed the car.

DJ Slim further stated that the manager could just walk into a footwear shop and just buy the musician 100 pairs of sneakers and he even shared a video to buttress his claim.

In the video he shared, Black Sherif was captured packing out of the house his manager had acquired for him at Oyarifa in Accra. Watch the video shared by GHPage below;