Black Sherif Faces Death Accusations From The Aggrieved Father Of The Late Clementina

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Ghanaian star-accelerated artist, Black Sherif, is presently in an uncharted territory, as the dad of his late sweetheart Clementina, points fingers at him for the part he may have played in the untimely death of his beloved daughter.

Black Sherif.

Black Sherif had a recent culmination of attention and stardom, following the release of his debut album, “The Villain I Never Was,”, which consisted of a tribute song geared towards paying his respects and properly extending his condolences to his dearly departed, Clementina, who then was his girlfriend.

The emotionally heartbreaking song, since it’s release, has had an unfathomable success level, as various listeners and sympathizers, reacted on the song, and made distinctive depictions of their own versions on social media platforms.

It appears that the dad of the late girlfriend of Black Sherif, is disturbed with regards to the content of the song that the singer wrote, as a farewell tune for his daughter.

The father of the deceased, who goes by the name Clement Kofi Adu Boufour, in an interview with Abro, said that he believes Black Sherif is disregarding the memory of his late daughter. He expressed that there is no reality in the assertion that Black Sherif had a past relationship with his daughter.

Black Sherif & his late girlfriend, Clementina.

He additionally added that Black Sherif never showed up at the burial service grounds of his daughter when she was laid to rest, giving him the distinctive impression that the singer never dated nor had a romantic history with his dearly departed daughter.

He further asked Black Sherif to tell the truth on his alleged relationship with her daughter, or else he will be compelled to take this issue on, in light of the fact that he could have had a part to play in the demise of his daughter.

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