Black Sherif Explains Why He Dropped Out Of UPSA For Legon (UG)

Black Sherif Explains Why He Dropped Out Of UPSA For Legon (UG)

Ghanaian sensational rapper and songwriter, Black Sherif has finally revealed why he dumped UPSA for University Of Ghana, Legon.

Mohammed Ismail Sherif who is popularly known as Black Sherif is one of the best young talents this country has ever seen. Dropping hit songs is lightweight for Blacko, he has a unique way of singing and that is what makes people love him soo much.

He recently turned 20 years old, Black Sherif was known to be a student at Accra’s University of Professional Studies when he launched his ‘Sermon’ records, which catapulted him to fame, he said it in so many interviews that he is a student of UPSA.

Now, Black Sherif has revealed his new school during a question and answer session on Snapchat where he answered lots of questions regarding his academic life as well as music.

A curious fan wanted to know if the hitmaker was still a student at UPSA. The fan asked: “why have you left UPSA?”

Black Sherif gave a straight answer “honestly, I fell behind and wanted to start over. You understand?”

He then went on to say that “nah I’m in a different school now” which has been disclosed to be the University of Ghana, Legon when another Snapchat user posed him the question “you felt behind so you left UPSA. The Legon you go fit?“.

He claims that if he cannot cope in Legon, he will leave since he went to school on his own. “If I no fit then I lef come house. Nobody send me na,” he said

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