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Best Insurance Companies In Ghana (2022)

Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies

Getting the best out of your money later or when you are in need is very important, today we are here to tell you our best insurance companies in Ghana.

Many have their way of defining what insurance is and this can be a bit tricky as it comes with distinct types complicating its meaning. But we can give a simple general definition as a promise of compensation for particular possible losses in the future in exchange for a regular or constant payment.

Make sure you read this article carefully as we bring you the list of the best Insurance Companies in Ghana. In other words, we can say insurance is like saving for the future, it mostly protects the individual, companies against unexpected losses that can affect their financial wellbeing.

Below are Ghnewslive’s best insurance companies in Ghana.

  • Star Life Assurance Company Limited

You will find them at Mankata Avenue in Accra. They are one of the very best when it comes to Life insurance companies in the country. They put the needs of the clients first and ensure they are met accordingly.

Their life assurance packages is one to write home about and their dedication towards work is excellent.

  • Enterprise Insurance Company

Enterprise insurance company was established in 1924 and it has ever since had a tremendous run. Its top-notch services seek to provide the best for its customers, securing their future and managing their financial and physical loss.

Enterprise insurance company has many branches sitting at vantage points in the country, making them easy to locate. They are dedicated to offering life-changing results to their clients to improve their lives and protect their interests.

  • State Insurance Company (SIC)

SIC is a well-known public company that boasts 1400 shareholders with branches scattered all over the country. They are the top providers of non-life insurance products.

Their areas of expertise center on accident, marine, travel, oil, and gas. They are known for their well-spirited workforce and satisfactory customer service.

  • Saham Insurance

Having over 37 years of experience, the Saham group has done very well for itself. It is one of the best Pan-African insurance groups you will find in the country.

They offer a range of services including; health insurance, life insurance, non-life insurance, and reinsurance.

  • Activa Insurance Company

Activa is the 7th largest insurance company in Ghana currently. They are also a member of the Pan-African insurance group.

They are licensed to give the best of insurance services to their customers that will effortlessly protect their interests at all times.

  • Global Institute of Islamic Banking, Insurance and Consultancy Limited

They are known for their financial and consultancy services that merit good results in terms of risk management.

It is an esteemed organization with appreciable international recognition. You can find them at Hall Avenue in Adabraka.

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